The Hidden Health Benefits of Coffee

Coffee is much more than just an energy booster it has health benefits too – so remember the next time you load up in Starbucks you may be helping your body too.

Research suggests that there are health benefits, some of which have been unexplored previously associated with your tasty brew.

With over 400billion coffee’s being drunk every year thats great news for coffee drinkers everywhere.

So how can it help you?

1. Coffee and Diabetes.

Its been discovered that coffee can help protect you against type 2 diabetes in later life according to studies at Harvard it was found that those increasing their coffee intake reduced the risk of diabetes substantially.
2. Coffee and Parkinson’s

Who would have thought that coffee would have such as profound effect on a disease with such severity as Parkinson’s. It was found that caffeine may help in movement control in Parkinson’s patients and may help prevent the severity of the disease .

3. Coffee and Cancer

In Italy much research has been done on the consumption of coffee and the reduction of Liver Cancer, surpassingly they found that there might be as high a figure as a 40% reduced chance of contracting it when you increase your consumption to over 3 cups per day !

Even without the risk of cancer reduction – its been proven coffee is good for your liver in general.

5) Coffee and your heart

You may have heart that caffine is bad for your heart, as it is a stimulant. However researchers in Israel have discovered that just 2 medium sized cups a day can actually prevent the onset of heart failure!

Those who had up four cups or more reduced that risk by up to 11%.

You can read more about the studies here.