Popular Coffee Drinks and where perception differs

For over a thousand years, humankind has been perfecting the art of making and drinking coffee. From the first goat herder who is said to have begun dancing with his animals after eating the mysterious red berry, to the modern-day commuter savoring a wake-up cup of java, the magical coffee bean has become both an addictive necessity and a welcome treat.

Mankind has been drinking coffee for thousands of years and perfecting it since its invention.

Its become addictive for some and simply a habit for others, however what makes it so appealing ?

We take a look at some the type of coffee available and what makes each one a little different.
Espressso is string and black coffee prepared by forcing steam through rich dark aromatic coffee beans at high pressure. Normally in an espresso machine. Good espresso will have a thick light creame on the top. How do you know if its any good ?… when you add sugar its should “hold” on the top before floating on its own to the bottom of the cup.

Espresso is the base for many coffee drinks – so if the coffee shop cant get that right, you will have problems with the rest of their coffee based drinks.
Espresso Macchiato

Add a lump of steamed milk to it makes it a macchiato – simple eh ?

This most popular drink is a combination of equal parts espresso and steamed milk and froth – dont be surprised if it looks smaller than you are used to. That just means they made it right.
Add a cup of Hot water to your espresso shot and you get americano – in most coffee houses its sold as an alternative to brewed coffee. In some (bad) stores they’ll serve you brewed coffee as Americano as it sounds more chic.
Caffe Latte
A caffe latte is a single shot of espresso to three parts of steamed milk.
Caf au Lait
Mistakenly this is often made with espresso as the base, but it should be made with good ol’ fashioned brewed coffee.

Caf Mocha (Mochachino)
This is a cappuccino or a caffe latte with chocolate syrup or powder added. Every coffee house does this differently. with some adding syryp, chocolate and other flavorful ingredients.

Caramel Macchiato
The most common method is combining espresso, caramel and foamed milk, though some use steamed milk. Often, vanilla is added to provide extra flavor.

Add sugar to taste, but normally its already quite sweet.