Philly Mochas – Coffee Connoisseurs

Most coffee bars in Philadelphia that has taken advantage of the extraordinary hike in interest in coffee drinking. It’s no longer the drip filter, pump pot stale coffee that people are after on the way to work but they are seeking something far more palatable than that. That’s where chic coffee shops fits that new demand precisely.
Freshly Ground Beans Make the Difference
The first thing to guarantee  is the quality of our beans. Some have them flown in overnight from the best coffee bean growing areas in the American continent. Once they are in the baristas hands, hot off the roaster they are ground them up ensuring that some are ground only slightly while others are ground further to make those flavorsome finer grains that add such great flavors to today’s coffee.

As soon as you walk through the doors that delicious freshly ground smell with entice you to rush the last few paces to our counter. Once standing in view of our hand written men you will see the amazing selection of coffees we on offer and all freshly brewed for you to enjoy.
Coffees to Suit Everyone
Philadelphia is such a cosmopolitan place these days that we offer Italian style coffee, French espressos and americanos, as well as lattes featuring an embedded U.S. flag. All hot and steamy for those cold, winter mornings.
Your Favorite Teas
Don’t worry. We don’t just sell coffee but a wide selection of teas too from English breakfast tea to aromatic Earl Gray and a variety of your favorite fruit teas too. We don’t favor the use of sugar in our beverages for many reasons but if you want a cube or two we supply on request. The same goes for sodas and fruit juices. We want to save your teeth as much as you do. However, on a hot day (few and far between at the moment) we offer iced coffee and tea and iced water at no extra charge, as long as you have bought one drink.
Muffins, Pastries and Bagels
We know you don’t like sitting down with an empty table waiting to be filled so just look right when you are at our counter and you will see a delicious array of mouth watering muffins, pastries and bagels just waiting to be eaten. We keep the sugar and fat down to honor your waistline but we have worked out some jaw dropping taste sensations that you will crave for when a million miles away. We offer white or wholegrain rolls with a multitude of fillings and we keep to local seasonal vegetables as our priority to ensure freshness, while minimizing long storage and travel times.
Add Milk or not
We always think that the full flavor of coffee can only be appreciated when drunk without sugar or milk. We understand that old habits die hard so we provide cream, full-cream milk and skimmed milk for you to mix with your coffee. We also provide coffee creamers and soya as milk substitutes if you have a milk allergy or you are a vegan or vegetarian
Sit down or takeaway
We prefer that you sit down and take your time when enjoying a coffee and a snack but if you are really in a hurry we can do takeaways too. If you are dropping in to get drinks and snacks for your office staff many shops offer discounts if you bring their cups for drinks. Use recyclable cups as well when you can.
We sell your coffee supplies
If you really like our coffee you can buy freshly ground packets to take home at very reasonable prices. Sample some of our coffees first then you choose the best flavors to take home. You will be amazed how much difference there is between coffees that have been hand selected just for you and those that you buy under various labels in your local grocery store. If you have an important birthday coming up of someone you know well we sell delightful gift cards of different values to entice your value friends and relatives to visit our popular coffee shop.
Come and join us today. You won’t be disappointed!